BIBO by dani garcia




Present McDonald´s as a quality burger restaurant that  brings the most innovative and tastiest food to democratices gourmet food. Improve brand perception towards competition.



QSR competition is growing fast with the Spanish market due to new players and an aggressive value offer from the competition.Thus McDonald´s wanted to increase quality perception of the brand.

No one in the category has ever before collaborated with a 2 Michelin stars, so this represents a landmark for the category and the brand. 



1. “El Reto” (The challenge).

Show Dani Garcia´s recipe for McDonald´s as his biggest challenge he has ever face as a chef.

Insight: Cooking for a whole country is more demanding than cooking just for few people in a restaurant. 

2. “Lo ha vuelto a hacer” (He made it again).

Show how Dani Garcia revolutionizes again the concept of a quality tasty burger. 

Insight: High cuisine chef work hard to surpasse themselves in any new creation they do in order to surprise their guests.