experience nissan platform


How to build a platform that is engaging, informative&useful and creates awareness about Nissan innovations? Well, this was the task of this project, were Nissan wanted to create a very visual and engaging platform to tell the present and future of the brand while showing their latest technology innovations.

URL: http://www.nissan.co.uk/GB/en/experience-nissan/nissanconnect.html



Conceive and develop a platform that tells the Nissan Autonomous driving story and market all technology innovations


Communications across technologies are not consistent and do not bring a unified perspective on Nissan Autonomous driving story



  • No single place to browse all technologies across models
  • Users don’t know which models feature which technologies
  • Content is no well distributed along the different platforms

My involvement

Trends and consumers research analysis , insights&strategy and definition of the main structure of the platform in collaboration with the UX department


The solution

A responsive platform that gathers all technology communications in one single place and give a unified vision on Nissans Autonomous driving story through the communication of the different technologies.

To maximise the value of all Nissan platforms, we created a solid content strategy that better fulfils visitor information needs by distributing smartly the content understanding what content was needed at the different stages of the customer journey.