Skype Asterisk


To redefine the default IM experience, interactively and visually, and to introduce new features for async communications.


Skype is one of the main online communication companies in the world. Market leader for about 10 years, the company has hardly changed or innovated during the last years. The number of competitors bringing new powerful features has dramatically increase, so they came to us looking for an innovative solution to revolution the market to asure their continuity and  leadership.


Text as a form of communications is very limited and users have a need to express more in less space. Skype was not considered as a mobile platform.

My involvement

I took care of the research and analysis of the market to spot opportunities, as well as the definition of the strategy and the User Experience.



The solution

Skype Asterisk

Skype Asterisk adds a new level to the IM experience by allowing users to express themselves in a more intuitive and human way. It will help Skype users to enhance their communications and to facilitate sharing certain types of information. Through several commands based on the Asterisk, Skype will help users in getting the most from their IM conversations.

  • Mood pre-sets: express feelings in a meaningful way
  • Voice recognition: dictate text to share your mood
  • Gestures: bring physical senses into the IM experienc
  • Sare comand: find and share content easily