Tesco Smart Move


In order to survive in a competitive market, companies need to expand their market space and create unique market spaces that add new value to the customers.

This is not a real project, its just a business transformation proposal for Tesco. It was a challenging project that required a strong understanding of the market, people needs and the use of data and technologies to envision a more promising and sustainable future for the company.



To create a new market space for Tesco that could help customers maximize their household ressources


Tesco is one of the largest retailers in the world. Due to the strong competition, Tesco needs to constantly transform their business, disrupting the market to add new value to customers.

Customer activity cycle insights

This powerful tool helped us to analyze the market, to find the waste and value gaps in order to explore new business opportunities. 


Facilitating project management, user and market research, creative process&storytelling and strategic development.

The solution

Tesco SmartMove, an eco-system facilitating home energy management with a twist. On househols electrical outlets and appliences, it connects affordable wifi-sensors to talk to a social platform.

Tesco will then track all the data for customers energy habits in order to give accurate recommendations and predictions about when and how to more efficiently use energy at home. Inspired by the principles of the behavioural science, a gamification component will be introduced to the user in order to award thus motivate users. 

Thanks to this new service, Tesco will become a reliable source of of energy recommendations, adding great value to people's live.